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THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED: File Swappers Find Security in Waste
By Erin Sherbert and Dan Goodin

Worried about the recording industry's monitoring of Kazaa and other larger peer-to-peer networks, many file sharers are turning to Waste, a program that lets them swap music and videos in groups of small, trusted members. Find out what you don't know - and what the RIAA hopes you don't want to know -- about Waste. Power Waste users talk about this secretive community.

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The Mjuice staff writes about what is most popular in Digital Entertainment and Technology. Check out reviews to find out what's worth adding to your music collection, as well as to get more information on the latest gear and software.

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Black Eyed Peas


Mixman DM2 - Toy or DJ Gear? Actually, it's both.

If you are looking for a player that plays any format and has cool features - take JetAudio for a spin.
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Mjuice Magazine Top Ten P2P (for the week ending May 2, 2004)

 1.  D12  My Band
 D12 World
 2.  Lil' Flip  Game Over (Flip)
 U Gotta Feel Me
 3.  Usher
 (ft. LiI Jon & Ludacris)

 4.  Eamon
 F**k It
 I Don't Want You Back
 5.  The Streets
 Fit But You Know lt
 Original Pirate Material

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The best of the music web sites, from artists and portals to how to sites Mjuice tries to reward the best with a link and a nod. Our current best pick is, the music category and recommendation service.



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